Chebeague Island, Maine‘s newest town (7/1/2007), the third largest island in Casco Bay, the largest not connected to the mainland by a bridge, one of 14 Maine islands with its own school, is a wonderfully blended community of multi-generational lobster- and fishermen, service and care providers, commuters, educators and retirees.  Chebeague has approximately 400 year-round residents with a seasonal population of over 1,200.

map of the bayThe Town of Chebeague Island consists of 16 islands, including Bangs, Hope, Ministerial and Stave Islands.  The Chebeague Island School District administers the exemplary on-island school which comprises Pre-K through 5th grade classes and supervises the 6th through 12th grade educational programs provided by Yarmouth.  The other town departments include Public Works, Zoning, Code Enforcement, Harbormaster, and Fire and Rescue (volunteer personnel).

You will find on Chebeague:  an island market (Doughty’s Island Market), public library, community hall, assisted living facility (Island Commons), museum of Chebeague history, boatyard and marina, recreation center, day care center, golf club, tennis club, yacht club, sailing school and a bottle and can redemption program that distributes its income with the non-profit organizations on the island that voluntarily staff the program.

Dining out is limited to seasonal opportunities:  Chebeague Inn (daily) and the Slow Bell Café (Thursday – Sunday).  Adjacent to the Café is Ebb & Thyme where breakfast, lunch and take-away is available Wednesday thru Sunday.  Lunch-time light snacks and sandwiches can be found at Doughty’s Island Market and, during late-May to October, The Niblic, a gift and provisioning shop at the Boat Yard. Want to eat-in? Shop at the Second Wind Farm stand for a seasonal variety of locally grown vegetable and fruits.

Gift shops, where you will find local and Maine-based items are featured, include Island Riches. and  The Niblic. Hand-made Copper, Brass & Nickel jewelry, pins and more are available at Gail Miller’s Miller Designs.

Once you get to the island by one of the ferries of the Chebeague Transportation Company (CTC) or Casco Bay Lines (CBL), the more than 14 miles of public roads can be enjoyed by walking, hiking or biking.  (Please note, only passenger ferries serve Chebeague.  Vehicle barging options are available through CTC, CBL and other commercial barge services.)   There are a number of points of interest and beaches to enjoy and a number of “public rights of way” to shore points.  From May to September, if you find swimming in beautiful Casco Bay a little cooler than you like, there is a heated pool at the Chebeague Recreation Center.

We have included/imbedded links to most all the places you’ve read about above. (Clicking on an underscored place name will open a new browser window.)  One of the most insightful places to find those and many more links,  as well as ‘island news,’ is Chebeague’s own web page — thanks to our island’s most tech saavy Renaissance woman, Bev Johnson — at  One of the most addictive links is the webcam at the Chebeague Island Boat Yard.




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